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Recruitment inspiration

Xinjiang Guanghui Luyou Sulfur Chemical Co., Ltd. Recruit the following positions

Recruitment conditions:

Chemical instrumentation and chemical technology professionals should, previous graduates, undergraduate education, the two officers;

Recruitment treatment:

The implementation of the company pay standards, pay five insurance a gold, wages 3200 yuan -3500 yuan / month (not including 1,200 yuan / month on-site subsidies), the company board and lodging conditions better and free.

Location: Guanghui Industrial Zone, Nao Maohu Town, Yiwu County, Hami City, Xinjiang

You may contact the following telephone number:

Office Tel: 0902-7261277  0902-7261255

Fax: 0902-7261277

Ms. Wang: 18399854212

Ms. Yan: 18299338052