Brief Introduction of the General Assembly of the Party Branch of Sulfur Chemical Company

(Sulfur chemical company Liu Miao Miao reported) October 14, Xinjiang Guanghui sulfur Chemical Co., Ltd. held the establishment of Party branch meeting, the meeting was presided over by Comrade Wang Fengyun, and elected to Comrade Sun Bin as party secretary of the company, Comrade Zhao Shijie Comrade Wang Fengyun and members of the Committee for the promotion of the first members of the Committee of the first Luyou sulfur chemical party branch, Comrade Sun Bin then made an important speech.

Sun Shuji pointed out that to build a project, with a good team as the establishment of the first task of sulfur chemical party branch task. From the strengthening branch construction, enterprise culture construction, talent team construction, the role of party organization supervision and learning "three strict three real" five aspects of the work of the Party branch arrangements.

The conference was a complete success, but also opened a new stage of sulfur chemical company party building process.