Xinjiang Guanghui liquefied natural gas development limited liability company Jilin wood liquefactio

Guanghui Energy Co., Ltd. Caimao Center intends to Xinjiang Guanghui liquefied natural gas development limited liability company Jiamu is liquefaction plant butane procurement project tender, are invited to have the appropriate level of qualification, reputation and reliable, with the implementation of the provisions of the tender documents capacity The bidder (unit) participates in the bidding.

First, the tender Name: Xinjiang Guanghui liquefied natural gas development limited liability company Jimunai liquefaction plant butane procurement project

Second, the tender reference: GHNY-2016-075

Third, the tender content: Jimuno liquefaction plant butane procurement project

Fourth, the bidder qualification

1, the People's Republic of China in accordance with the law for industrial and commercial, tax registration (more than one year), with legal personality, in line with the tender to the scope of business; enterprises with independent civil liability.

2, the tender materials in the country if the production license issued within the scope of the product should provide production licenses.

3, with related products manufacturing experience for three years or more.

4, with related products manufacturing qualification.

5, there are dangerous chemicals road permit.

6, in accordance with the requirements of local bidders for the record.

7, the bidder must be able to provide nearly three years of audited financial statements, and operating in good condition.

8. The bidder shall be the manufacturer of the bidding product or the authorized legal dealer. (If the bidder is a dealer, the bidding document shall be provided with the sales authorization letter of the manufacturer of the bidding product).

9, the bidder shall provide similar items in the past three years project supply performance, opening, the bidders must carry the original enterprise qualification and related performance of the original contract for reference.

10, the tender does not accept the consortium bid.

11, through the recruitment platform Guanghui registered as a qualified supplier and business scope through the audit covers the content of the tender.

Fifth, online registration Note: Those interested in participating in the tender of the unit must be in Xinjiang Guanghui electronic platform for registration and bidding site registration ( registration, audit storage before they can participate in the Sub-tender.

Sixth, the tender documents for the sale and bid bond payment: the tender documents priced at 500 yuan / copies (including electronic documents), IFB. Bid deposit of 10,000 yuan.

Seven, the tender documents to buy time and time: account transfer purchase (to pay the tender fee and deposit must be the name of the tender unit to pay, not to pay the name of an individual, and asked to indicate in the remittance summary of the cost of use), purchase time: (19 October 2016 - 2 November 2016).

Tender Fee Payment Account:

Account Name: Guanghui Energy Co., Ltd

Bank of China: Bank of China, Xinhua Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang Branch

Account number: 108200644973

Line number: 104881006127

Bid bond payment account:

Account Name: Xinjiang Guanghui Energy Sales Co., Ltd

Bank: Bank of China, Urumqi, Yangtze River Road Branch

Account number: 1082 3667 6711

Line number: 1048 8100 6047

8, the tender closing time: November 4, 2016

9, the tender documents submitted to the location and opening time Location:

Place of submission of tender documents: Xinjiang Urumqi, Xinhua Road 165, CITIC Bank Building, 26th Floor, Block B.

Opening time: November 4, 2016 (Beijing time).

Place of Bid Opening: Meeting Room, 31st Floor, CITIC Bank Building, No. 165, Xinhua North Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang. (The above time and place subject to change, notice)

X. Contact Information:

Business Contact: Li Yao Tel: 0991-2363029 E-Mail:

Technical Contact: Bai Weidong Tel: 18209062929

Electronic registration Contact: Zhang Hao Tel: 0991-2363008

11, supervision and management departments to report complaints Contact:

Tel: 0991-2365012; Postcode: 830002


Address: CITIC Bank Building, 165 Xinhua Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang

(The bidder to be completed in time electronic platform registration, or will not be successful because of registration can not participate in the electronic platform of the tender)

Guanghui Energy Co., Ltd

October 26, 2016