743 substation 0.4KV switchgear procurement bidding standard tender notice

1, the tender reference number: NLHZB201609100017

Guanghui Group Xinjiang Guanghui Coal Clean Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd., for the 743 substation 0.4KV switchgear purchasing organization procurement activities, welcome to meet the relevant conditions of the supplier to participate in the bidding.

2, the project overview and scope of the tender: Please click on the bottom left corner of the material details of the table view.

3, the bidder qualification requirements

3.1, all registered by the People 's Republic of industrial and commercial companies for more than one year, to obtain legal registration of the manufacturer, an independent legal personality, and productive enterprises can participate in the tender.

3.2, has a good business reputation and sound financial accounting system, financial strength, assets in good condition. Provide the relevant documents certifying production capacity and the Company's annual financial statements for the past three years (including the balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit and profit distribution statement) and the credit certificate after auditing by certified public accountants.

3.3, with a sound organizational structure and improve the management system and quality control system. Provide quality assurance system and a copy of the quality certificate.

3.4 Provide effective CCC certification, safety production license, quality certification certificate, product identification certificate, special industry license certificate, the product quality inspection report (if any).

3.5, the bidder within the past three years in the People's Republic of China without law and discipline, no adverse performance record, not included in the Guanghui Group blacklist, no bad things happen.

3.6, have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law.

3.7, the purchase of tender documents, fully meet the substantive requirements of the tender documents.

3.8, to comply with the relevant national laws, decrees and regulations.

3.9, through the Guanghui Zhao Zhao platform registration, a qualified supplier and through the audit scope of business covers the content of the tender.

     3.10, the project does not accept the consortium bid.

4, bidders must log Guanghuiguan electronic trading platform (http://zc.guanghui.com/) for bidding and opening activities, be sure to complete the registration before the bid and get the tender qualification, the successful situation will be publicized in this site.

5, online bidding methods: specific steps, please refer to the home page "Service Guide."

6, the tender documents for sale

6.1, the tender document price: 500 yuan (RMB), tender offer IFB

6.2, the purchase of tender documents Time: September 20, 2016 - September 20, 19:00 only (Beijing time, except holidays)

6.3, the purchase of tender documents:

(1) Cash payment

(2) bank transfer

Account Name: Xinjiang Guanghui Coal Clean Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd

Bank: Urumqi bank business department

Bank account number: 0000 0200 5011 0057 1524 72

  Bank account number: 313881000019

After the remittance of bidders, the bank transfer voucher copy, and marked on the copy of the tender project number, project name, contact the tender unit and contact information, fax to the corresponding tender center. Tender Center to open tender download accordingly. After the bidder to the tender unit of the financial sector to collect receipts.

6.4, tender offer: bidder successful bidder, the self-download the tender documents and tender documents template.

7, the tender unit to ask questions deadline: 2016 at 18:00 on September 24 points.

8. Deadline for Submitting Bids / Time of Bid Opening: At 10:00 on September 27, 2016, bidders shall successfully submit all electronic bidding documents on the electronic trading platform of Guanghui Group by the deadline.

9, opening time: September 10, 2016 points.

10, opening location: new energy opening room.

11, the tender process, if in doubt with the Xinjiang Guanghui Coal Clean Refining Co., Ltd. Bai Yanhua, Tel: 0902-7260882, Mobile: 18299311762, e-mail: 841558723@qq.com.

Complaints accepted: Guanghui Group Procurement Supervision Department Tel: 0991-2365012

Xinjiang Guanghui Coal Clean Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd

10 September 2016