Xinjiang Guanghui new energy Co., Ltd. filter water treatment workshop annual procurement bidding an

Xinjiang Guanghui new energy Co., Ltd. filter water treatment workshop annual procurement project public bidding in China, we now invite eligible bidders to participate in the bidding.

1 Project Name: Xinjiang Guanghui new energy Co., Ltd. annual procurement filter water treatment workshop

2 overview of the bidding project:

2.1 project overview: Xinjiang Guanghui new energy Co., sewage treatment system with reverse osmosis equipment, large particles to prevent the water into the reverse osmosis membrane, reverse osmosis membrane damage, to ensure the normal operation of the RO, in the RO device are set before the high flux filter, wherein the sewage device has 4 * 150m3/h and 1 * 120m3/h 5 a reverse osmosis filter, the monthly demand security is about 150; 2 * 75m3/h concentrated water reverse osmosis filter about 150 month security demand; water reuse device has 4 sets of 68.25m3/h anti permeability, monthly demand of about 8 security element.

2.2 bidding content

Serial number

Material name


Annual consumption



Sewage device first stage reverse osmosis security filter element


One thousand and eight hundred

Imported materials


Sewage plant concentrated water reverse osmosis security filter element


One thousand and eight hundred

Domestic material


Reverse osmosis security filter element of water device


One hundred

Imported materials

2.3 delivery location: Yiwu County in Hami the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Mao town Guanghui new energy plant.

2.4 supply cycle: 15 days after receipt of the order delivery. (based on the actual order)

2.5 quality requirements: meet the requirements of New Energy Company water treatment.

3 basic requirements for qualification of bidders

3.1 general qualification requirements for bidders:

(1) all by People's Republic of China industry and commerce registration company for more than a year, has been legally registered manufacturer or supplier, with independent legal person qualification, production or supply capacity of enterprises may participate in the bidding. The agent must have the agent's authority and provide all the necessary qualifications for the manufacturer;

(2) the original copy of the business license or the equivalent legal effect of the annual inspection certificate (business license contains the right to operate the procurement of goods);

(3) the original copy of the valid tax registration certificate or the certificate of the same legal effect as the annual inspection;

(4) a copy of the original code of the organization code of the annual inspection of the annual inspection of the original or have the same legal validity of the documents;

(5) the legal representative of the bidders to attend the bid opening meeting or the entrusted agent shall carry my identity card (original and photocopy of the entrusted agent), should also carry "legal representative" original authorization to prove its identity, certificate of legal representative (including legal authorization in addition to the tender reflected demand alone if the company submitted), to bid, need to give the branch company authorization, and the legal representative of the same person two or two or more legal persons, the parent company, a wholly owned subsidiary of its holding company, are not at the same time in this tender bidding.

3.2 special requirements for bidder registration:

The bidders shall invest in Xinjiang Guanghui industry (Group) electronic procurement system limited liability company successfully registered in order to participate in the bid. (registered address:

3.3 the tender does not allow subcontract.

3.4 the bidder shall provide an effective testing report of the filter element and the material for the performance of the filter.

4 bidding documents: the bidding documents is scheduled for October 12, 2016 to October 20th (except holiday) - 10:00 13:30, 15:30-18:00 in the afternoon, CITIC Bank building, No. 165 Xinhua Road Urumqi City 26 floor for the sale of Limited by Share Ltd Guanghui energy center office, the bidding documents at the price of 1000 yuan, submitted to the bank transfer form, not customer service back. When purchasing the bidding documents, please bring a copy of the letter of legal person and enterprise qualification certificate.

Name of Institution: Guanghui energy Limited by Share Ltd

Bank: Bank of China Limited by Share Ltd, Urumqi City, Xinjiang Xinhua North Road Branch

Account: 108200644973

Account number: 104881006127

The bidder after the payment, the bank transfer certificate copy, and indicate the bidding project number, project name, bidding unit contacts and telephone contact information on the copy, fax to the corresponding bidding center. Tender center hereby open tender download rights.

5 bids must be accompanied by a bid bond, the amount of 30 thousand yuan, submitted to the bank transfer form, the opening scene do not accept cash or bank card. (Note: the tender deposit must be bidding unit to pay, do not allow other units or individuals in any form of payment, otherwise the bids will be rejected).

Company name: Xinjiang Guanghui new energy Co., Ltd.

Bank: Industrial Bank Urumqi Branch Sales Department

Account number: 512010100100215694

Account number: 309881002010

6 deadline for bid submission: October 25, 2016 10:30

Opening time: October 25, 2016 10:30

The 7 place of bid opening: Urumqi Xinhua Road, CITIC Bank building 31 floor conference room.

8 bidders in the bidding deadline, will be sent to the place of the tender documents submitted, then please participate in the bidding units authorized representatives attend the bid opening ceremony.

9 the final interpretation of the tender documents to the tender.

10 in the bidding process if you have any questions you can contact Guanghui energy Limited by Share Ltd

Li Yifeng, Tel: 0991-2363029

Complaints: Guanghui group procurement supervision department Tel: 0991-2365012

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October 12, 2016